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The Laravel Community getting together discussing development and life using the world's best framework, Laravel.

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    Episode 35 - Security and Laravel

    Tonight's live chat show is all about security, what do we know, what do we not know, how do we check, what do we do when we're hacked.

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    Episode 31: Api Life

    In this episode of Larachat Live, the panel discusses API's.

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    LaraChat Live - Episode 30

    Team comes back from their hiatus and talk about the experience at Laracon2017 and the tools they use for development

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    Episode 29 Lean Methodologies

    Today we welcome back JMac (@gonedark on Twitter) to discuss lean methodologies in product development

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    Episode 27 - Project Management for Developers

    Today we talk about Project Management with Sanaz Afshar. In this show, as developers, we are looking to uncover the myths of what Project Managers do and how we can work in harmony!

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