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The Laravel Community getting together discussing development and life using the world's best framework, Laravel.

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    Episode 35 - Security and Laravel

    Tonight's live chat show is all about security, what do we know, what do we not know, how do we check, what do we do when we're hacked.

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    Episode 31: Api Life

    In this episode of Larachat Live, the panel discusses API's.

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    LaraChat Live - Episode 30

    Team comes back from their hiatus and talk about the experience at Laracon2017 and the tools they use for development

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    Episode 29 Lean Methodologies

    Today we welcome back JMac (@gonedark on Twitter) to discuss lean methodologies in product development

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    Episode 27 - Project Management for Developers

    Today we talk about Project Management with Sanaz Afshar. In this show, as developers, we are looking to uncover the myths of what Project Managers do and how we can work in harmony!

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    Episode 26 - Docker v.s. Vagrant

    Docker vs Vagrant bringing in TJ Miller and Mahmoud Zalt to help us learn and break down what tool is best!

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    Episode 24 - Tony Lea

    Today we talk with Tony Lea of Tony will talk with us about Voyager as an open source package and making money with side projects in Laravel.

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    Episode 23 - Ben Edmunds

    Overarching topic: general soft skills, both towards personal improvement and career advancement

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    Episode 22 - Jason McCreary

    Today we visit with Jason McCreary the creator of Laravel Shift and the video series Getting Git.

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    Episode 20 - Eric Barnes

    Eric Barnes joins the Larachat Team to discuss work, family, and life.

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    Episode 18 - Taylor Otwell

    We kick off the new year with Taylor Otwell the founder of the Laravel Framework. We will be talking about staying current with new practices/code, what's coming up this year for Laravel, Laracon 2017, and Taylor.

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    Episode 17

    2016 year in review. We will talk about Laravel, PHP, web development, business and life in 2016.

    Github Private Repo Giveaway, just tweet #LaraChatGithubLove to @larachatslack

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    Episode 16

    The groups discuss hiring good developers. Finding heroes over zeros

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    Episode 15

    In this Episode, we discuss the new Larachat bot Eve. We also discuss what you do when you are in a position you don't enjoy.

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